Connect Groups

The best way to get to know people, go deeper with God and engage with church life is to join a connect group.

We run various connect groups across the church, these are small groups that meet together on a weekly basis alternating between socials, pastoral care, bible studies & worship.

Meeting in small groups provides a better environment for forming close relationships, sharing & receiving prayer and  discussing & studying the word. It is also a great place to invite friends to experience church in a different way.

These groups are a key part of The Gate, where individuals and the church as a whole can experience growth, both spiritually and numerically.

If you are not in a group but would like to be, please speak with the leader of the group that you would like to join for information about when and where that group meets.


Meadway Connection (Tilehurst)

Turnham’s Group: Sunday, 5:15pm – John & Val Smith

Triangle Group: Monday, 8:00pm – Mick & Sophia Penson

Elevate Group: Tuesday, 7:30pm – Matt & Patricia King

RAC Group: Wednesday, 8:00pm – David & Gillian Bailey & Jenny Whitfield

Revive AM: Thursday, 9:30am (@The Gate, Central) –  Joanna Parmar-Sheppard & Sarah Porton


Loddon Connection (East Reading)

Loddon Group: Monday, 7:30pm – Jeremy & Christine Sharpe

Loddon Group: Wednesday, 7:30pm – Rory and Danni Malone


Calcot Connection 

Inspire Ladies Group: This will join Revive AM for the next season (for more info speak to Joanna Parmar-Sheppard)

Calcot Connect: Thursday, 7:30pm (@The Gate, Empress Rd) – Adam Perryman


The River Connection (Dee Park, Norcot & Potteries area) 

Ignite: Monday, 7:00pm (@The Gate, Oxford Rd)  – Sue Winyard & Tom & Hannah Rogers

Southcote: Monday, 7:30pm – Mike and Kathie Davis-Bater

River: Tuesday, 7:30pm – Mandy Mills and Sam Gardiner

Oxford Road: Wedensday, 9:30am  (@The Gate, Oxford Rd) – Gareth Owen


For groups held in homes please contact us for the exact location.