Prayer Meetings

Prayer Meetings

Sunday morning prayer

Our main church prayer meeting is on a Sunday morning at 9am. Our hope is that the whole community will come together. We understand that if we do not ask, we will not receive, if we don’t seek, we will not find and if we don’t knock on the door of heaven, nothing will be open to us (Matt 7:7) We use this time to pray for the church, for people, for our communities, for the nations. 

Venue- Currently the prayer meeting takes place via Zoom

Tuesday Morning Prayer

Focussed on praying for the ministry area of our workplaces, at 7am on a Tuesday people gather to spend time in worship and to encourage and pray for one another. As a church that believes in the priesthood of all believers, this is a time to gather and believe for God to move in all areas of life.

Venue- Currently Tuesday Morning Prayer takes place via Zoom


We have a team of Intercessors who love to gather to hear from the Lord and to press into what he says. Over the years we have been grateful to this team as often they have been part of ‘praying in’ what God has done with us as a church. Once a month the intercessors usually invite people to join them.

Venue- The intercessors usually meet on a Friday evening. At the moment this takes place via Zoom